Peach Ways & Daisee Days
Gosh I love this PJ top so much. Except I wish it said…
Jake <3
ala SNL style. LOL. 

things i want:


1. a life
2. money
3. a boyfriend

coincidentally, getting a boyfriend who has a lot of money would give me a “life”. proof that everything in the universe is connected.

"I wrote this thing and I don’t know what it is. It just kind of came out of me - and I didn’t sleep, and it felt really great, and then I was seized with this idea that I wanted someone to read it and I thought of you. And then, when I put it under your door, the feeling of wanting someone to read it was immediately replaced by intense regret and deep, deep shame."
-Sarah Braverman, Parenthood (via drumrollplz)

My teacher is hot.


I’m not saying I’m going to beg him to screw me over the desk, I’m just saying that if he offered, my knickers would be on the floor in seconds.

The Real World

Browsing my school’s career website. The only postings I am even remotely qualified for are CASHIER and SERVER.

No boyfriend either.

the story

the life of two twenty-something girls whose love of blogging knows no bounds.


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